When to visit

The best time to visit the Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve in Ethiopia largely depends on your preferences and the experiences you seek.

Yayu When to visit
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Yayu Visit October to February

October to February

This period, which corresponds to the Ethiopian dry season, is generally considered the best time to visit the Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve. The weather is drier, and the skies are often clear, offering ideal conditions for hiking, wildlife observation, and exploring the lush landscapes. The temperatures are moderate, making it comfortable for outdoor activities. This is also the coffee harvesting season, providing opportunities to witness traditional coffee processing and engage with local communities.

June to September

The rainy season in Ethiopia, known as "kiremt," occurs during this period. While the landscape is at its greenest and most vibrant, the region experiences heavy rainfall. Travelling during this period can be challenging, due to muddy trails, swollen rivers, and the potential for landslides. However, the rainy season can be a unique opportunity for bird-watching, as many migratory bird species visit the area during this time and many local species show their breeding plumage.

Yayu Visit June to September

Ultimately, the best time to visit depends on your interests. If you prefer comfortable weather and clear skies, opt for the dry season. However, if you are passionate about bird-watching or want to experience the lush, green landscape and vibrant waterfalls, the rainy season might be more appealing.