Relevant Actors

The Oromia Environmental Protection Authority and Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise hold formal responsibility for implementing the management plan, but a variety of state and non-state actors in the area are actively engaged in supporting the plan, commencing new projects and activities. At the federal level, key state entities such as the Ethiopian Forest Development, the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, and the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority play substantial roles in natural resource management.

Yayu Relevant Actors
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Regionally, the Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise is obligated with overseeing the management of forest and wildlife resources, while the Oromia Bureau of Agriculture is responsible for promoting sustainable agricultural practices and policies. The Oromia Cooperative Promotion Agency works toward the development of cooperative societies for economic growth.

At the local level, non-state actors including cooperatives, women's organisations, and informal institutions, as well as dedicated Development Agents and Kebele Administrators, have a direct and measurable impact. Community-based organisations like Sor Geba Farmers' Cooperative Union, research organisations like Jimma Research Center Mettu Branch, Mettu University, and various active NGOs like ECFF, EWNRA, NABU Ethiopia, and others contribute to the area's long term sustainable development.